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Looking to cut down on tax preparation time? You can file your MICHIGAN income taxes and federal taxes at the same time using ExpressTaxRefund.comExpressTaxRefund.com simplifies the tax preparation process by automatically filling in any matching information into both your state and federal tax forms.

Do you have to file your taxes for the state of Michigan? First, you should know that Michigan taxes at a flat rate of 4.25% for all residents.

Who is a resident?

Anyone who has maintained a home within the state of Michigan for the duration of the tax year meets the residency test. You need to maintain a permanent residence within the state, though you don't have to live in the residence the entire time. It's common for residents of a state like Michigan to seek solace in warmer clients during the winter, which may lead to a temporary period of time out of the state at another residence in a warmer state. In these cases, as long as the resident had a permanent home within the state of Michigan, they are still considered a full-year resident as far as taxes are concerned.

State Borders

If you are a resident of Michigan but work across state lines in any of the following states, you do not have to worry about being double taxed: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Ohio or Wisconsin. Reciprocal tax agreements exist between these states and Michigan, which means Michigan residents who work in these states will not be subject to the employed state's income tax.

If you are taxed after working in one of these states, you can file for a refund of the tax you paid as a non-resident of the state you earned wages in.

In states that do not hold a reciprocal tax agreement with Michigan, as well as Canada, residents of Michigan are required to report all out of state income so it can be taxed through the state of Michigan. All income earned, regardless of where it was earned, is subject to taxation by Michigan.

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