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Ohio has nine different brackets of taxation, based on income. The following lists the different tax rates for each income level:

  • The First $5,200 is taxed at .537%
  • $5,201 to $10,400 at 1.074%
  • $10,401 to $15,560 at 2.148%
  • $15,561 to $20,900 at 2.686%
  • $20,901 to $41,700 at 3.222%
  • $41,701 to $83,350 at 3.760%
  • $83,351 to $104,250 at 4.296%
  • $104,251 to $208,500 at 4.988%
  • $208,501 to above at 5.421%

Retirement Income Exclusions

Social Security benefits are not taxed by the state of Ohio. In addition there are four other tax credits available to retirees within the state. A credit of anywhere between $25 and $200 is available depending on the type of retirement income. Taxpayers over the age of 65 can claim a credit of $50 on their return. Retirees who take distributions in a lump sum may qualify for a lump sum credit at tax time, however you are not eligible to claim retirement income credit in future years. Additionally, you can't take the $50 senior credit if you take the lump sum credit. Those receiving military pensions can deduct any income not exclude or deducted through taxes.

Employees who work in an Ohio locality may be taxed on income at rates between .4% to 3% depending on the employer. Pensions, disability benefits or dividend and interest income is exempt from local taxes. However, a school tax, ranging between .25% to 2% of your income may be assessed. It's recorded that approximately 30% of residents are assessed a school tax. The school district determines whether you are taxed by Ohio standards, excluding retirement income, interest and dividends, or you can be taxed on any earned interest.


As a resident of Ohio, you must pay taxes on all of your income, whether it was earned in state or not. If you paid taxes on income earned in other places, you may be eligible for a credit of the taxes paid. Non-residents only have to pay tax on income they earned in the state.

A resident is one who maintains a domicile within the state. This means that they have multiple periods of contact within the tax year. A contact period consists of spending a part of two consecutive days in Ohio, calculated by the number of nights spent within the state. A domicile is generally the permanent home in which one lives.

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