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Looking to cut down on tax preparation time? You can file your MINNESOTA income taxes and federal taxes at the same time using ExpressTaxRefund.comExpressTaxRefund.com simplifies the tax preparation process by automatically filling in any matching information into both your state and federal tax forms.

There are four different tax brackets in the state of Minnesota, which depends on how which filing status you use. State returns are due the same time as federal returns, April 15th, unless the day falls on a holiday or weekend. In those cases, it is due the following business day.

Single Filers:

  • 35 % on the first $24,270 of taxable income.
  • 05 % between $24,271 and $79,730 of taxable income
  • 85 % between $79,731 and $150,000 of taxable income
  • 85 % on taxable income greater than $150,001

Married, Filing Jointly

  • 35 % on the first $35,480 of taxable income.
  • 05 % between $35,481 and $140,960 of taxable income
  • 85 % between $140,961 and $250,000 of taxable income
  • 85 % on taxable income greater than $250,001

When to File

Minnesota taxpayers who have filed an income tax return federally are required to file a state return, using Form M1. Sometimes, you may need to file a state return when you haven't filed a federal return. Two examples are seeking a refund of state taxes withheld by your employers, or to claim a refundable credit such as the K-12 Education or Working Family or Child Care Credits.

A Minnesota taxpayer is considered a resident if they were physically present in the state for 183 days total or more, and you or your spouse own or rent year round housing within the state. Appropriate forms of housing include those with both cooking and plumbing, such as apartments, houses, mobile homes, cabins, condos, and townhouses. Both conditions have to be met in order to be a resident, and you are a resident for as long as you own or rent property.

If you meet these conditions for the entire tax year, you are considered a full year resident and will be taxed accordingly.

ExpressTaxRefund.com supports all state income tax returns. Washington D.C. along with 41 states have income tax returns. If you live in Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington or Wyoming, you only need to file your Federal Income Tax Return with the IRS.

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